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How To Use Nerdwax? Update New

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How To Use Nerdwax
How To Use Nerdwax

How does Nerdwax work?

How does it work? Nerdwax actually works by creating a layer of friction between your glasses and your skin. With that being said, it’s really important that you wear glasses that have been properly fitted.

How long does Nerdwax last?

I would say you get about 6-8 months of use out of a single tube of Nerdwax. So, that’s it! If you have any more questions, feel free to hit up the FAQ portion of our page or shoot me an email [email protected] I’d love to hear from you. I hope you love your Nerdwax as much as I do.

Does Nerdwax work? Wait? What is Nerdwax

Does Nerdwax work? Wait? What is Nerdwax
Does Nerdwax work? Wait? What is Nerdwax

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Does Nerdwax Work? Wait? What Is Nerdwax
Does Nerdwax Work? Wait? What Is Nerdwax

How much is Nerdwax worth?

Despite walking away from the Sharks, they built the business into a million dollar company. As of August, 2021, they are alive and thriving with $2 million in annual revenue.

What can you put on your glasses to keep them from slipping?

Simply take two thin hair ties (the same color as your glasses) and wrap them around the end of the ends of your glasses at the two points that end up behind your ears when you put them on.

What is Nerdwax made out of?

Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All-Natural and Certified Organic, cosmetic grade ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place. Nerdwax was launched on Kickstarter back in April of 2014. Thanks to our backers, we hit our $5K goal before lunch on the first day!

Is Nerdwax like ChapStick?

Nerdwax, featured on the reality show Shark Tank, is designed to keep your glasses secured to your face. A swipe of the ChapStick-like tube over your nose or glass’s pads reduces the slip-factor and can keep your specs in place for hours at a time.

Is Nerdwax good?

Top positive review

All my glasses are correctly adjusted but most of them still slip a little. The Nerdwax really does keep them in place for a few hours but not all day. But if I take off my glasses for any reason and than put them back on the Nerdwax doesn’t work well anymore.



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Nerdwax Application Tips
Nerdwax Application Tips

Who created Nerdwax?

Don Hejny is the creator of Nerdwax, a beeswax-based blend of all natural and certified organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place on your nose. Find out how (and why) he turned down 2 offers after appearing on Shark Tank and still went on to build a million dollar business.

How did Nerdwax do after Shark Tank?

Nerdwax After Shark Tank

Within 72 hours of its Shark Tank airing, Nerdwax earned $150,000 in sales. And when Hejny was interviewed for a Shopify podcast in 2016, his product had become a million-dollar business. A visit to the Nerdwax website shows that the company has introduced a couple of new products.

Who is the richest person in the shark tank?

1 Mark Cuban – $4.5 Billion

The tech billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks is the richest shark in the tank. He made his wealth after selling his video portal company, Broadcast.com. to Yahoo for $5.7 billion.

What shark has made the most money?

Daymond John made a deal with Bombas in the show’s sixth season, and it definitely paid off. The sock company boasts a charitable “one-for-one” business model and matches each pair sold with a gift to the homeless. It’s currently the most successful Shark Tank product of all time, with more than $225 million in sales.

Should glasses sit on bridge of nose?

The right pair of glasses should rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose, and should not press against your forehead or cheeks. But they shouldn’t rest so far towards the end of your nose that they slip when you squint or wrinkle your nose.

Why do my glasses slide down my nose?

There are many reasons that glasses can slip down the bridge of your nose. Perhaps the frames are too wide or you have oily skin. If you have a set of eyeglass tools, you may be inclined to tighten frame screws or adjust nose pads. Although such actions can be helpful, they may not be a permanent solution.

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Product Review: NerdWax

Product Review: NerdWax
Product Review: NerdWax

Images related to the topicProduct Review: NerdWax

Product Review: Nerdwax
Product Review: Nerdwax

How do you prevent glasses from marking your nose?

While you are seeking a solution for your eyewear nose marks, there are a couple of options for prevention.
  1. Keeping Your Face Clean. Washing your face and glasses regularly can help a lot. …
  2. Switching Glasses. If you have an extra pair of glasses around, it might be good to rotate between them regularly. …
  3. Use Moisturizer.
26 thg 10, 2021

How do you wax your sunglasses?

Car wax will work

In this case, use a little amount of car wax into your glasses. Then scrub your glass with a microfiber cloth or water. When you scrub it off, you might need to wash it later. You can use this effective method to remove a scratch from your glasses.

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